MSU’s first computer

June 9, 2008

Richard Reid works on MISTIC

The first computer at MSU was MISTIC, the MIchigan STate Integral Computer.

Above, Richard Reid, professor emeritus of computer science and engineering at MSU, works on MISTIC.

Catherine and James both correctly answered our June 5 trivia question. Catherine points out that MSU was Michigan State College close to the time that MISTIC was built. And, in part, she’s right about the machine still existing here:

In 2006, MSU Academic Technology Servies (ATS, then ACNS) put together a celebration to mark 50 years of computing at MSU. They created a beautiful Web site, museum display, and time line of MSU computing history. The museum exhibit is now over, but parts of MISTIC are still on display in the Computer Center.

The Web site ATS created has more historical photos and a video of a panel discussion with MSU computing pioneers, including Richard Reid, Julian Kateley, Glen Keeney, Elizabeth Unger, Lawrence W. Von Tersch, and Henry Blosser.

Does anyone else remember MISTIC? We would love to hear from you.


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